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Blues, Old Time, Cajun, Country, Soul and Swing.  Roots music is the music I play on guitars, banjos, fiddle, mandolin and harmonica. It is also the music I sing. A wide repertoire of all variety of songs. Songs that are traditional, original and interpreted.
For over thirty years now, I have studied, composed, and recorded many kinds of roots music, and performed on many continents.
If you, like me, are nourished and inspired by this kind of music, I invite you to explore my site. With any luck, I'll be playing somewhere near your town sometime soon. If not, I have many recordings to choose from, and you can listen to some of them here. (You can click below, and for more, check out the Music page).


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Upcoming shows


Greenfield Guitars Shop Concerts

Montréal, QC


Info: mike@greenfieldguitars.com

$25 Age limit: All ages



Various dates accompanying Eric Bibb

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